Learn Swift 2: access (control) granted

Hey there podcasters, thanks for the overwhelming response with our first episode. We're learning and teaching a lot of Swift this summer (136 class hours to be precise), and it's encouraging to see how many of you are interested in learning with us.

We had planned on releasing an episode last week, but my audio interface went missing, so when Michael Babiy was gracious enough to come in and record with us last week, we had the sketchy-est mic setup, comprised of at least 10 different cables and adapters and ultimately couln't salvage the recording even with the most agressive combo of compression and bandpass filters. Michael was kind enough to offer to stop by again next time, so we'll take another stab at the conversation with him for episode 3, but in the meantime:

Learn Swift Episode 2: access (control) granted

This week Brad Johnson and me (John Clem) cover all of the latest changes to Swift in the latest Xcode 6 beta 4 release. We also discuss the latest improvements and additions to the iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite betas.

Swift now has 3 levels of access control (public, private, internal)

Here's our short, but sweet show notes:

Check out the release notes for the changes to Swift that Brad and I discuss throughout the episode.

Apple's 3rd iBook that I mentioned in the episode, yet couldn't remember the name of, is the Swift Standard Library Reference

SwiftyJSON is a great JSON parser for Swift written by Ruoyu Fu, Denis Lebedev. It's available on Github

Here's a link to Apple's Swift blog, and the post on C pointers, as Brad mentioned.